Saturday, January 22, 2011

Books read in 2011: No. 4 - The Art of Money-Getting

Art of Money Getting Or, Golden Rules for Making Moneyby P.T. Barnum

Started: January 22
Finished: January 22

Notes: I've been feeling like I've ignored by Kindle of late, so I thought it time to pick it up again, at least for something short. And this is something short. I found this freebie a while back when looking through the hundreds of free e-books available from Amazon. This one is from the 19th Century and is supposed to be P.T. Barnum's take on finances. From what little I know of the man, he was not quite the swindler his reputation has suggested, but was a shrewd businessman. This one could be interesting. I'll find out.

Mini review: This little book can mostly be summed up in one sentence: Work hard and bring in more money than you have going out and you will have a rich life, and with some skill and luck possibly a life of financial freedom or even of financial wealth. Barnum makes no promises here, and it was refreshing to see this famous character as a straight-forward businessman and not some humbug. This is no overly technical treatise on finances, but quite the basic talk about how a business person should conduct themselves to have success. This was also an easy read, though not overly simplistic. Barnum was a good writer.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I've actualy heard of this one. DOn't know much about it.