Friday, February 04, 2011

True Grit poster

Somewhere online (I don't remember where) I ran across this made-up poster for the movie True Grit. Having just seen this movie a few days ago, I felt it appropriate.

Oh, and my opinion on the film: It's a damn fine film. In general, it's better than the 1969 version starring John Wayne, though I personally believe Wayne pulled off the "fill your hands" scene better than Bridges. Sorry, Jeff. I also liked that the Coen brothers stuck much more with the novel, which I also recently read. However, a few changes they made in the middle of the film kind of left me curious as to what they were thinking ... they didn't hurt anything in the story, but I didn't really see where their changes added anything either other than some mild confusion on my part. The portrayal of the bad guys in this movie I found quite realistic and fascinating. This was a solid character drama, and one of the better Westerns since Eastwood's Unforgiven sort of said everything there needed saying about the Western as a film genre (which isn't necessarily true, but Hollywood seems to think so since they can't hardly ever turn out a decent Western any more).

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Charles Gramlich said...

I will definitely see it. I like this poster pretty well. I saw a great poster of a zombie Clint the other day and wish I'd bought it now.