Wednesday, March 02, 2011

"More Than Kin" novel spotlighted

Forget to mention, because I've been so busy, that my Appalachian literary novel "More Than Kin" was featured yesterday at The Indie Spotlight.

This is not only nice for me, but other readers and writers should check out the site. There are tons of e-books featured there from indie authors. You never know, you might just find a new author to enjoy.


Charles Gramlich said...

Seems like there was a pretty good movie back in the 80s about a guy coming from the Appalachians to the city to take revenge on folks who'd harmed his "kin." Can't remember the title of it. This looks pretty good.

Ty Johnston said...

That was "Next of Kin" starring Patrick Swayze and Liam Neeson.

My novel is nothing like that. ;-)

Besides, my favorite Swayze movie was always "Red Dawn." Wolverines!