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100 sites for fiction writers: #11 - Red Adept Reviews

This is an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career.

Red Adept Reviews

Red Adept ReviewsOnce a writer has a book or e-book, self-published or otherwise, available for readers, that writer often wants reviews.


Well, there are many reasons. Sometimes the writer simply wants his or her ego stroked by a positive review. Other writers believe, not without some justification, that reviews can help build readership and sell more books, especially positive reviews. Other writers are just interested in finding out what people think of their material. There are probably other reasons, ones not coming to mind at the moment.

But how does a writer get reviews?

Some writers remain patient, sitting back in hope that eventually readers and some professional and even amateur reviewers will notice their book and provide reviews. This does happen. However, it probably does not garner as many reviews as some writers might want.

Another way to get reviews is to simply ask for them. This might seem a little pushy to some writers, but there is a growing number of online book reviewers who do not mind being asked to review a book, though they usually do not promise a positive review.

One of the better-known online book review sites is Red Adept Reviews, headed up by Red Adept herself, also known as Lynn O'Dell. Originally Lynn did all the reviews on her site, but Red Adept Reviews has become so popular she has taken on a staff of reviewers. Currently the site has a total of six book reviewers, including Lynn O'Dell.

How does one go about getting a review of his or her book on Red Adept Reviews? Go to the site and at the top of the page click on the Review Copy Submission link. Read this page from top to bottom. Then do so again. And probably a third time wouldn't hurt. This page will inform you how to submit your e-book or book for review, and there are rules that have to be followed. I suggest you follow those rules, otherwise your book is likely to be ignored, possibly even trashed without a glance. Also, the site does not guarantee a review. If the staff is not interested in the book, they'll pass on it. And keep one other thing in mind: Even if the book is going to be reviewed, it might take some time before a member of the staff can get to your book and review. With a lot of review submissions coming in, there are only so many books and e-books a staff of six can read, plus they likely have other books they want to read besides those being submitted.

Besides reviews, there are other reasons to check out this website. For one thing, the site offers Editing Services. Check the site itself for current pricing.

Also, if you have a book or e-book available, you can Advertise on the Red Adept Reviews site. Since this is one of the more popular book review sites, it probably gets a decent amount of traffic. So, it might be a good idea to do a little advertising there, to draw the attention of potential readers.

Then, as with many sites, Red Adept Reviews also has a Forum section. Here you can chat with the book review staff and some of the authors who have had their books on the site.

If you are serious about being an author, Red Adept Reviews is worth your while. Check out the site. You might learn a few things.

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