Monday, June 27, 2011

100 sites for fiction writers: #21 -

This is an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career.

Whether you are an indie author, one of the growing number of modern self-published writers, or you just like to read books that are out of the accepted ordinary (meaning: only approved by a major print publisher), the website is for you.

Specifically, what is available at the site?

Right off the bat, you've got News about indie authors and independently-published books. Why is this important? If you're an indie writer, it can pay to keep up with the news in your field. If you are an indie reader, you can find out about new authors, new books, and what's going on with your favorite writers. In case you still think keeping up with news about indie authors isn't important, how about such news as "John Locke First Indie Author to Hit 1 Million Mark on Kindle?" Or what about news that famed indie author Amanda Hocking has a three-page article about her in the New York Times? If those two offerings aren't enough to convince you as a reader or writer that you need to keep up with indie news, then nothing will.

But news isn't all you will find at There are also plenty of Columns by professionals and others with vested interests in independent books. For example, authors such as Scott Nicholson have a regular column on

Also, if you are a beginning indie author or are considering taking the plunge to publish your own works, you might want to check out the IndieJourney section. Here you can read about various authors and their adventures in self publishing.

If you happen to be a writer in need of an editor, cover designer or of other related services, you might consider the Publishing Services offered by

Even if you are not a writer, you still can find much of interest at this site, especially in the Book Reviews section. You'll find all genres represented here in these reviews of indie books, from Fantasy to Erotica to Nonfiction, books for Kids, and more.

There is so much to be found at, do yourself a favor and spend some time perusing the site.


Charles Gramlich said...

This is a good heads up for me. I'll check it out.

Ty Johnston said...

Thanks, Charles. That's the main reason I wanted to do this series, to help other authors find sites with which they might not be familiar.

There are a lot of sites I've come to take for granted, some quite important and others only interesting, but I'm sometimes surprised when others are not aware of those sites.