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100 sites for fiction writers: #28 - Eugie Foster

This is an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career.

Eugie Foster

Returning My Sister's Face: And Other Far Eastern Tales of Whimsy and MaliceEugie Foster must be one busy writer. Every time you turn around, it seems she has another short story appearing in some anthology or magazine or online site. She is also a voting member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA), has earned the 2009 Nebula Award for Best Novelette, and the 2009 Phobos Award. On top of all that and more, she works with the Georgia General Assembly to edit legislation.

On top of all that, Foster has taken the time to discover and keep track of a large and growing number of Markets where fiction writers can potentially sell their stories and/or novels. Here not only will you find a hefty list of book Publishers, but you can also find an extensive list of Children's Markets, meaning publications that are seeking literature for children.

If you feel you need to have your work critiqued by others who know what they are talking about, you should probably check out the list of Workshops that Foster has on her site. And if you are interested in learning about other writers, Foster's Links page has quite the list that will take you to other writers sites and blogs.

To be clear, this site is not necessarily one you will want to go to if you are looking for tips and such on writing. There is some of that here, but not all that much. Even Foster's Blog tends to be more personal or focus upon her writing career, but there is nothing wrong with that. The importance of this site for other fiction writers, despite interest one might find specifically in Eugie Foster, are those lists upon lists of markets I have mentioned, especially the markets for children's literature, as that can be difficult to find separate from the more traditional adult-fiction market lists.

Also, if you are interested in writing for the younger market, you should look into Foster's Columns, originally titled Writing for Young Readers. Though these columns are more than a few years old now, they still hold excellent information about writing fiction for young people.

On a side note, as Foster is mainly a writer of the speculative, you fans of science fiction and fantasy and horror will also likely want to check out this website.

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