Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Castle of Endless Woe (novelette)

Now available is my new novelette (16,000 words) titled The Castle of Endless Woe.


Orphaned by the death of her wizard father, a 12-year-old girl finds herself trapped in servitude and traveling to an abandoned castle in the hinterlands. Among the group assigned to returning life to the castle, she finds her only friend in a barbarian warrior. But then he goes missing, and the castle itself seems to be coming alive in a manner most chill. Who will disappear next, becoming a victim of the castle itself?

The Castle of Endless Woe is a young adult, dark fantasy novelette bordering on horror fiction.

The tale takes place in the world of Ursia, the lands from my epic fantasy Kobalos trilogy and Sword of Bayne trilogy, though it is not directly tied to those tales.

Where to buy?

This novelette only costs 99 cents. If you are interested, check out the links below.

For the Kindle
For the Nook
At Smashwords


David J. West said...

I'm intrigued and that is a phenominal title I love it.

Charles Gramlich said...

Agreed, great title. Hope it does well, man.