Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Timeline for my fantasy world, Ursia

I didn't think anyone would be interested, but I've now had two people ask me about a timeline concerning the events of my fantasy world, Ursia. I have a working timeline hidden online, but thought I'd go ahead and make much of it public. There are, of course, some things I left out because they would potentially be spoilers. Other items potentially mysterious I've left in because ... well, because they're mysterious. Enjoy.

Years are generally A.A. (After Ashal) unless designated otherwise:

1996 - events of novel The Company of Seven,
1995 - events of Ghosts of the Asylum novel, events of Demon Chains novel, events of "Kron Darkbow" short story, King Alexandre dethroned by brother in Caballerus
1994 - events of Kobalos trilogy, events of "Shieldbreaker: The Slave Pits of Mogus Potere" short story, some of "Shieldbreaker: Following Bayne" short story
1993 - events of "Blade and Flame" short story
1991 - Randall flees Kobalos and travels to Bond, events of "Shieldbreaker: Betrayal of the Self" short story
1989 - Adara flees East Ursia, events of "Six Swords, One Skeleton and a Sewer" short story
1987 - "A Complete History of Ursia" published by Elias the Pagekeeper
1982 - events of "Shieldbreaker: An End to Rage" short story
1979 - Kron's parents murdered, Belgad consolidates his power in Bond, Fortisquo forced to retire, Eel's father killed in Docks accident
1978 - Belgad freed from Prisonlands, travels to Bond
1977 - events of "Shieldbreaker: Road of the Sword" short story
1976 - birth of Eel Sidewinder, Eel's mother dies giving birth to him
1975 - Belgad sent to Prisonlands
1973 - birth of Randall Tendbones
1971 - birth of Adara Corvus
1969 - birth of Kron Darkbow
1965 - events of "Deep in the Land of the Ice and Snow" short story; birth of Lerebus Shieldbreaker
1945 - birth of Belgad Thunderclan
1944 - "A Study of Magic and Evil" published by Tetronius the Lycinian
1934 - War of the Mages, Ursia splits into East Ursia and West Ursia
1915 - birth of Maslin Markwood
1914 - birth of Tempest Thornbane
1913 - events of "Mage Hunter" series
1912 - birth of Witt Pierce
1889 - birth of Ian Fane
1884 - birth of Guthrie Hackett
1869 - birth of Father Eble
1357 - Pope Tolerant IV writes to Ashalic philospher Tyjanus of Trode mentioning Verkanus surviving Third Battle of Trode
1046 - events of "The Castle of Endless Woe" novelette
1000 - True Church rises to political power and rules all of Ursia nation
709 - Brimming Hoard winds down
503 - Brimming Hoard begins
376 - St. Tolbert writes in journal of sorcerer's death demon attacking in Hipon village and Tolbert's vanquishing of demon back to its home plane
304 - Trodan age comes to an end, Days of Darkness begin
43 - Pedraugh finishes writing the Book of Ashal
42 - events of Under the Mountain novel, some of "Shieldbreaker: Following Bayne" short story
22 - events of Bayne's Climb novel, events of A Thousand Wounds novel
15 - Pedraugh begins serious work on the Book of Ashal
12 - Third Battle of Trode in which Emperor Verkanus goes missing and Bayne kul Kanon first appears
9 - Second Battle of Trode
2 - First Battle of Trode
1 - Pedraugh begins preliminary work on the Book of Ashal
0 - execution by hanging of Ashal

Note: For those who might be confused by my eccentricities: Historically in my world there is a nation known as Ursia which exists on the continent also named Ursia.

It gets worse. The nation of Dartague also has a city named Dartague, which is also the name of the race and the language and the culture. Yes, all one word. Dartague. They were not real wide thinkers back in the day, these barbaric folk.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I did this for my original fantasy world, Thanos, but haven't done it for Talera. It's a fun thing to construct, though.