Saturday, November 26, 2011

100 sites for fiction writers: #80 - Author Tech Tips

This is an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career.

Author Tech Tips

Doesn't it always seem for writers as if there is some new website or some new technology that needs to be learned? Every time one turns around, there's a new social networking site or a new e-book format, or something. It can be a bit daunting, and it can feel as if one can never catch up.

But help is available. It's a website called Author Tech Tips.

Admittedly this site is not updated very often, but it still contains a ton of information.

For instance, there are Social Media articles that can help you learn the ins and outs of online networking and such. Then there are Tech How-Tos articles, such as "How to Never Forget a Password Again" and "How to Sync Files Across Multiple Computers Automatically."  Also there are tips for using specific networking sites, such as TwitterFacebook and more. You can even read about Legal IssuesProductivity and Gadgets.

If you want to get extremely technical, this is probably not the site for you. But for those who want the basics covered without feeling like they have to learn another language, then Author Tech Tips might be a godsend.

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Nancy Keim Comley said...

Exactly the tips I need! Thanks for the post.