Saturday, November 05, 2011

Blog tour appearance at Guerrilla Wordfare

Today my blog tour takes me over to Guerrilla Wordfare, the blog of author Lizzy Ford. Lizzy's blog is more than just a book or writing blog, however. Lizzy has a team behind her, one member of which is her husband, Matt. Matt also blogs at Guerrilla Wordfare, his focus being upon online marketing and promotions tips for writers.

My own guest blog post at the site is a very basic look at some of the online tools writers should be using to help their career. That being said, Matt covers this subject in much more depth and style on the site, so do yourself a favor and read further than just my own post. Online marketing tools and tips are utilized every day by thousands (if not millions) of online content providers and other writers, but too often are overlooked by us fiction writers. That needs to change, and my guess is that it will, slowly, eventually. Fiction writers too often seem so afraid of promotions.

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