Thursday, November 24, 2011

Books read in 2011: No. 53 - White Wolf

by David Gemmell

Started: November 24
Finished: December 5

Notes: I'm not the biggest Gemmell fan, but I do enjoy reading him. It's been about a year or so since I've read anything by this late author, so I thought it was time I turned to him again. This is a tale of Druss the Legend, probably the author's best known character.

Mini review: I enjoyed the first half of this novel quite a bit, but felt the second half slowed down more than I liked. The end surprised me, however, in that it wasn't one of those let's-wrap-everything-up-in-the-last-chapter endings I've noticed in every other Gemmell novel I've read so far. The characters here are quite strong and memorable. I'll be glad to read more Gemmell in the future.

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