Tuesday, December 06, 2011

100 Sites for Fiction Writers: #84 - Bookfessions

This is an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career.


There are all kinds of sites out there for fiction writers. Some are about the craft of writing, others about the business end. Honestly, after wading through them time and time again, some of it becomes monotonous. Sometimes a writer just wants to have a little fun.

That's where a site like Bookfessions comes in.

Bookfessions is the tumblr page for writer and avid reader Justyna. In 2011, Justyna set herself a 50 Book Challenge of reading 50 books in one year, and you can follow along to see what she read and if she met her goal.

But that's just the beginning.

What's really fun about the Bookfessions site are the confessions about books that have been sent to Justyna. As of this writing, there are 786 such confessions, many of them touching, a large number of them poignant and hilarious. The nine most recent book confessions appear on the front of the Bookfessions site at a time, being updated as Justyna receives and approves them. Readers can look at Older Post for the older confessions.

Want an example of a confession about a book? Here is number 784: "When I finish a really good book, I take a minute to sit on my bed and weep my heart out."

There are hundreds more, and a number of them will make you think and/or chuckle.

Truthfully, this site is as much for readers as it is for writers, but writers need a break from the drudgery sometimes, and Bookfessions can offer that, as well as some insight into readers' minds.
While you're at the site, you can also check out Justyna's book Recommendations or check out what books she will be reading soon.

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SOunds interesting. I'll have to check this out.