Friday, December 16, 2011

Dreams in Shadow: Monumental Works Group anthology

Dreams in Shadow: 17 Stories All Told is a new anthology from Monumental Works Group, a gathering of speculative writers I recently joined. Within its pages (digital and print) can be found short stories and excerpts from nine authors. Included are an excerpt from my novel City of Rogues and my short story Beneath a Persian Sun. At only 99 cents for the Kindle version, this is a great opportunity to discover some writers with whom you might not be familiar.

About Dreams in Shadow: This first fiction collection from Monumental Works Group features seventeen tales of bright foreboding and dark wonder, shaped by nine authors on the leading edge of the next wave of fantasy and speculative fiction. From visions of the present day twisted through a mirror's edge of evil and uncertainty, to the far-flung reaches of epic-fantasy realms that live worlds away from our own, Dreams in Shadow offers up a wealth of innovative tales and exhilarating excerpts to challenge the imagination.

About Monumental Works Group: Monumental Works Group is a collection of professional fantasists whose collective background covers a wide range of fields and endeavors, from traditional publishing to film and multimedia; from academia to RPG and videogame design. Established writers who share a history of producing quality works of the imagination, the members of Monumental Works Group share a collective vision that places them firmly at the forefront of the next wave of fantasy and speculative fiction publishing.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Cool cover. Sounds like a good group. I'll check this out.