Tuesday, January 03, 2012

100 sites for fiction writers: #100 - Author Ty Johnston

This concludes an ongoing series looking at websites that can be of help to fiction writers with their craft and career.

Author Ty Johnston

Yes, I'm ending this series by recommending my own blog. Why would I do this? Is it not a bit shady to do so? I think not. After all, my site does have plenty to offer fiction writers.

If nothing else, you can always take another look at this series, 100 Sites for Fiction Writers. If you would to know about books that have influenced me as an author, you can check out my 100 Days of Fantasy series (here's a tip: not all the books are of the fantasy genre, but have influenced me as a fantasy writer).

I blog often, usually several times a week, at least, and sometimes every day. Almost everything I blog about has something to do with fiction writing, from the personal to the professional. Here and there I offer advice or tips, but sometimes I just voice my opinion. My site is not in depth about the craft or business of writing, so please don't expect tons of articles on how to better yourself as a writer, though I do touch on such here and there.

From time to time, other writers appear as Guest Bloggers, and I've been known to go on the occasional Blog Tour. This way my readers get a chance to discover other writers, and those new to me get to discover ... me!

I also do Interviews of others working in publishing, and from time to time I am interview myself.

Admittedly, my blog is a bit hit and miss. I don't have a long-term set agenda, but often will have a series or a short-term agenda. You can also find out about my past and current writing projects, my novels and short stories, and about my upcoming works.

I hope you enjoy! And I hope you've enjoyed this series about websites for fiction writers.


Keith said...

I have no problem with you including your own blog on the list. I've not had a chance to check out many of the other sites on the list, but I'm going to. I've discovered several new writers I'll be reading over the next couple of months due to your blog tour.

Ty Johnston said...

Thanks, Keith. I loved doing the blog tour, and am considering doing another this year. It was a great way to meet a lot of other writers and readers.

Charles Gramlich said...

I like a blog that has variety, that offers a lot of different things. Your blog has great content but isn't always the same thing. Good stuff.

Keith said...

Ty, you're welcome to do a guest post on my blog if you do another blog tour.

Lyn Perry said...

You're in my blog list. And bookmarked. I don't do feeds, but if I did, you'd be there too. :)