Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 2 - Dreams in Shadow

edited by Scott Fitzgerald Gray

Started: January 3
Finished: January 8

Notes: This is the first collection of short stories and excerpts from Monumental Works Group, an online collective of writers of which I am a member. Within these pages can be found an excerpt from my novel City of Rogues, as well as my short story "Beneath a Persian Sun." Scott Fitzgerald Gray, a fellow Monumental Works Group member, might (or might not) balk at my labeling him the editor of this collection, but it was he who did all the grunt work in getting the rest of us lazy writers to send him our material. It was he who put everything together, and he had some editing suggestions here and there, so I call him "editor." I'm looking forward to reading the other stories from my fellow members

Mini review: I am simply humbled by being a part of this collection of short stories. There are great tales here, and I can't believe some of my own fumblings are among the mix. Not a stinker to be found. My favorite? It would be difficult to pick only one.

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sfgray said...

I have no objection to being associated with this fine, fine volume, but calling me out publicly like this totally messes with my witness protection status. :-)

But seriously, this is a pretty amazing collection, and it was a complete pleasure to be able to shepherd it towards publication.