Friday, January 27, 2012

February 2012 blog tour

My next epic fantasy e-book novel Demon Chains will be released at Amazon on Feb. 1, so I thought it time I did another blog tour. This tour isn't just to promote my new story. I'm doing this more because I enjoyed the blog tour I did last November. I got to meet and chat with a lot of people I had not known before, and it was cool to talk with some new people. So, I thought I'd do another blog tour. For those of you who were around during my last tour, don't expect to visit a lot of the places you visited back then; I'm intentionally reaching out to new blogs for the most part, in an effort to expand not only my potential audience, but again, to meet new people.

Below is my schedule for my February 2012 blog tour. I'll be updating this list as details solidify. If you would like me to appear on your blog, please let me know. And, just to clarify, I don't mind guest posting on blogs I've appeared at before, I'm just trying to reach out a little more, so if I have appeared at your blog, please don't think that means I'm not interested in doing so again. Make sense?

Feb. 1 -- Indie Book Blogger
Feb. 2 -- Residential Aliens
Feb. 3 -- Colin McComb
Feb. 4 -- Journal of a New Guy
Feb. 5 -- Ben Dobson
Feb. 6 -- Scott Fitzgerald Gray
Feb. 8 -- Darrin Drader
Feb. 8 -- Weblog of Zoe Winters
Feb. 9 -- Carson Craig, nascent novelist
Feb. 10 -- Derek J. Canyon: Adventures in ePublishing
Feb. 10 -- Indie Writers Zone
Feb. 10 -- James Grenton's Blog
Feb. 12 -- Uri Kurlianchik: D&D Kids
Feb. 13 -- Greg Hamerton
Feb. 16 -- Writing Trip: David L. Shutter
Feb. 17 -- Chiron Training
Feb. 18 -- Keith West: Adventures Fantastic
Feb. 19 -- Jake Scholl: Goblins, Swords, Elves, Oh My!
Feb. 21 -- Scott Nicholson: Haunted Computer
Feb. 22 -- Aaron Pogue: Unstressed Syllables
Feb. 23 -- Publetariat
Feb. 28 -- William Meikle
Feb. 29 -- Ty Schwamberger

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Brent Nichols said...

I grabbed a copy of the cover image and put up a post at Fantastic Adventures. I assume you don't mind?