Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 10 - Ghosts

by Ed McBain

Started: February 7
Finished: February 9

Notes: Of the 50-plus 87th Precinct novels, this is supposed to be the only one to have any kind of speculative element. The police use a spiritual medium to help them work on a couple of murder cases.

Mini review: This. Was. Awesome. It might be my favorite 87th Precinct novel yet, and it's definitely better than the last few I've read. It mixes an almost hardboiled-style of story telling with a speculative element that sneaks up on you, then in one big scene grabs you by the neck and shakes you. Truthfully, there is a scene in this novel that is one of the most spooky I have every read, as good as anything Shirley Jackson ever wrote. I might have to read this one again someday.

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