Friday, February 17, 2012

Violence in my fiction writing

Today my blog tour takes me over to Chiron Training, the blog site for Rory Miller, a writer, speaker, security analyst and ... geez, Rory does so many things, it would be difficult to place one title or hat upon him. Much of his current professional life has to do with self defense and teaching, and I've been following his blog for a good while now because I appreciate what he has to say concerning violence and self defense. Rory makes me a better writer.

So, though we had never even so much as chatted online, a e-mailed Rory a while back and asked if he would be willing to host me for a day of my 2012 blog tour. I was surprised he said "sure. I guess I got lucky and caught him at the right time. I was surprised mostly because he didn't know me at all, we had never had correspondence before, and because my own blog deals with fictional matters while his is much more about real life.

But not only did Rory accept me as a guest poster, he also challenged me as a writer. You can see the results here.


Josh K. said...

Thank you for sharing.

I'm always looking for something good to read.


Ty Johnston said...

Thank you, Josh. Hope you enjoy.