Friday, March 02, 2012

After the blog tour

So, blog tour February 2012 is over. Each blog tour teaches me a few new things, and this one was no different. As always, I got to meet a bunch of new people, and I thank all those who hosted me for that.

One of the big differences between this tour and my last one in 2011 was that near the end I got burnt out. I had several days where I was feeling under the weather, and then I was stupid enough to have given myself far too large of a workload.

Remember one of my posts where I said I planned on writing a novel a month? I still plan to do that, and actually I'm on track so far, but that on top of trying to do a blog tour combined with my illness was just too much. Something had to give, so I've a few blank days toward the end of the blog tour.

Live and learn.

As for my goal of writing a novel a month, can I keep up with that? Honestly, probably not. But it's the attempt that matters here. Even if I only reached half my goal, six novels, that would be six more than I would have had.

Also, I've fudged around on that goal just a little. Instead of 12 new novels this year (one of which is already available, Demon Chains), I've decided that I must have 12-novel's worth of new fiction this year, which isn't exactly the same thing. It basically means each month I need to have a minimum of 60,000 words of new fiction (at least new to the e-book market). So far, I've reached that goal. I also plan to keep experimenting, to write in genres new to me, and to experiment with pen names.

It's going to be a busy year, and hopefully a fun one.

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