Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 20 - Secrets of Successful Writers

edited by Darrell Pitt

Started: March 14
Finished: March 15

Notes: This compilation of Q&A sessions with 50 of today's writers, many of them indie writers, is perhaps a little out of date. To be fair, however, if this had been published last month, it would already be out of date. Oops! It was published last month. Boy, the publishing world really changes quickly nowadays, doesn't it? All kidding aside, a collection such as this is nice because it gives insight into a bunch of different writers without me having to go around to a bunch of different blogs. So, it's nice to have all this in one place, a quick way for me to get a feel for a number of other writers.

Mini review: This one got a bit monotonous at about the halfway point. Many of the same questions were followed often by similar answers. Still, this opened the door for me to quite a few new authors, and I even already picked up a few new e-books which I'm sure I'll get to sooner or later. Was this one worth reading? Sure. Anyone starting out as a fiction writer, especially as an indie, would be served well to read about these authors and their various stories and levels of success. Each writer is different, after all, and each of us has different roads to success.

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