Monday, March 26, 2012

Interview with author of 'Johnny Mustang' and 'Highway 90'

I recently sent out onto the World Wide Web a call for authors who would like to be interviewed. Heather Ross was one of the first to reply. Below are my questions for her as well as her answers. Thanks, Heather!

My goal with these interviews is to do something a little different. We've all read the same old questions and answers over and over again, and some of that will be found here, but I wanted to go for a few quirky questions to give everyone a look into the minds and hearts of these writers.

1.) You have published two books so far. Can you tell us a little about them?

Highway 90 is a young adult novelette that basically centers around a young girl tired of the monotony of her small town life. To break it up, her and a friend take a trip to a night club in Mexico, but it's the ride home that tests their character, views on freedom and the meaning of love.

Johnny Mustang is an illustrated children's book. It is based on the life of my grandfather who grew up on the desert of southwest Arizona. Johnny loves horses, particularly wild horses that roam free in the desert. His family as well as others catch and use them on their ranches. This book details Johnny's first wild horse round-up with ten color illustrations. A fun read for all ages and fun to write! I used a pen name for this book to keep my genre's separate.

You can read more about them including excerpts on my website

2.) What plans do you have for future works?

I'm currently working on edits to a romance novel I wrote a few years ago. I'm also finishing another young adult novel about a girl who would like to be a dancer, but finds she isn't so great at it. I may write a sequel to Highway 90, but I haven't decided yet. I've also started another Johnny Mustang book. I just can't stop! (writing)

3.) You are also a photographer. Have you considered doing a book of your favorite images?

The thought did cross my mind at one point, but I wasn't sure the public was ready for random shots of my life, some horribly out of focus. Seriously though, I may do this in the future when I can be more decisive about which images to include because as I am right now I'd produce a book with hundreds of photos.

4.) What is your favorite color? That's the easy part. Here's the hard part: Now tell us why it's your favorite color?

My favorite color is black and it's not a difficult color to love because it's versatile on so many levels. It's slimming, it hides stains (well, unless it's yoghurt), it doesn't scream "Hey look at me!" and it compliments every other color on the spectrum.

5.) What kind of dog do you have?

We think our "affection hog" is a cocker spaniel/poodle mix, but we're not sure. She's a pound puppy. Black, of course and doesn't shed. Woo hoo!

6.) If you could have any other name than the one you currently have, what would it be?

Now this is the difficult question. I like so many names I can't decide. Do you mean a name I conjure up or a famous name? Well, I'd have to say maybe Elektra. It sounds cool and doesn't require a last name. Kinda sexy too.

Here's more from Heather:

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Heather Ross said...

Thanks Ty! So fun!

Ty Johnston said...

Thank you, Heather. Glad to have you aboard my blog for a day.

Charles Gramlich said...

sounds like a pretty cool story. I do want to do a YA at some point. I've actually gotten one started but need to finish it. Not sure when I'll have the chance. I like quirky questions for sure.