Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 40 -- Hunting Evander

by Kim Knox

Started: May 2
Finished: May 2

Notes: As I've mentioned before, I recently picked up two Kindle freebies in the erotica genre, an area I've been unfamiliar with. As a writer, I feel I do myself a service by studying all genres, and that's the case here. This is the second of the Kindle freebies.

Mini review: This particular erotica story had the stronger plot and more interesting characters, in my opinion, but I felt the sexual scene toward the end was kind of flat. Perhaps I felt a little more connection to the story here because it is science fiction based. As a writer, I feel I've learned a few things from studying this genre a little.

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Charles Gramlich said...

I reviewed a couple of these free erotica downloads on Goodreads last year. I enjoyed em. Read 2 or 3 I got for free. Lost interest fairly quickly, though.