Friday, June 01, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 50 -- The Story of the Outlaw: A Study of the Western Desperado

by Emerson Hough

Started: June 1
Finished: June 5

Notes: The author was a friend to Pat Garrett, and a known Western journalist and writer of the late 19th Century, so I've been wanting to delve into this little book for some while now to see his impressions. Apparently this is a collection of articles about various known outlaws of the Old West.

Mini review: As expected, this wasn't all exciting reading, though some of it was. What was most interesting for me was the historic aspect of this book, supposedly published in 1905 though there are mentions of dates in 1905 and even one in 1906 within the pages. The language here was of interest from a historical perspective, as was the opinions about some of the "bad" men of the Old West. Here, "bad" men means something more akin to what we would think of today as tough men, though not necessarily evil men. The author here is also pretty opinionated, especially toward the end of the book, about various aspects concerning crime, law and order. Worth reading for fans of history about the Old West.


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds pretty good. I'm gonna look for this one.

Ty Johnston said...

Charles, this one was published in 1905, so it's really at the end of the Old West era, or what we generally think of as the Old West Era. Heck, Butch and Sundance were still at large, though South of the border. This author lived it, knew and interviewed folks who lived it, so I'm thinking there's some pretty good information here. Even if it's not a great read, I'm sure I'll enjoy it for the flavor it'll bring.