Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Undead are no strangers to author Dawn McCullough-White

1.) Dawn, you write mostly dark literature. Can you tell us a little about yourself as a writer and your novels and characters?

Well, I started writing when I was fourteen years old and spent about six solid years writing novels, then my attention on it waned quite a bit, I didn't attend college and instead went out into the world of minimum wage jobs and experienced the hard knock life of no money and heartbreaks. They can say there is no caste system in the US but that's crap. I began writing again after my second marriage at age thirty-six, and my trilogy is a good reflection of the struggles I went through in my life. It's dark, the characters are tortured souls, and the undead are really a metaphor for being an outsider.

2.) What does your family think of your writing?

My husband is extremely supportive of my writing. He is one of the people who helps beta read my books for me actually, and this fall when my son starts kindergarten I'll have the time during the day to pour energy into writing and marketing, and he is all for it.

3.) Once upon a time, the literary world seemed to be a bit of a boy's club. Do you think that has changed?

Back in the 1990s I submitted a very few query letters to publishing houses and horror magazines, and I received encouraging responses from some of them. I don't really think it mattered what gender I was, what I wrote interested them enough to elicit some response. Now, it doesn't matter at all, I publish myself and have no plans to publish traditionally so if there is an old boy's club it won't effect me.

4.) Your doorbell rings. You answer and find standing before you your character Cameo in real life. What do you say? What do you do?

I'd probably hide my son, she's a killer and an undead with superhuman strength, speed and healing ability.

5.) Your website says Gew├╝rztraminer is your favorite drink. I'm a beer snob, but I don't know much about wine. Can you tell me a little about Gew├╝rztraminer and why it's your favorite drink?

It's a German white wine named after the grapes, and it's pure ambrosia- it tastes like flowers.  It's very easy to drink too much.

6.) What are some of your favorite dishes to eat?


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