Sunday, July 15, 2012

Abstract art ... 'Digital'


This is my first piece of abstract art in more than 20 years. Not great, but it was interesting to me to put together in acrylics on canvas board.

I've titled it "Digital" because I was going for the colors and sort of the feeling of the falling digital numbers that appear at the beginning of the Matrix movies, sort of my reflection of where the digital age has taken us. You might notice there is a lot more black than color. You might also notice there is a fair amount of silver. These are intentional. Think about it. I'm not one to generally explain my art, visual or written, because I want the viewer/reader to think for themselves, to come to their own conclusions whether they match my own or not.

Also, you might notice in my paintings I'm putting up online that there are sometimes odd lines or smudged places near the center. This is because my scanner is not nearly big enough to the whole canvas, thus I have to scan the paintings in a portion at a time. I've tried using various cameras to try to capture images of my paintings, but they look even worse. Anyone have a good idea of the best manner and/or camera for taking photos of paintings?


David J. West said...

Sorry I'm no help when it comes to scanner methods-mine is pretty small-hardly bigger than a standard sheet of paper.

Keep showing your art anyway you can.

Charles Gramlich said...

Lana has done some abstracts and one in particular that I love because it reminds me of fossilization.