Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another painting ... 'Dee'


This particular piece might seem somewhat or partially abstract, but it's not. The title comes from my John Dee character, an undying mage with Bibilical ties who appears in a number of my short stories, though I've not written anything including him for some while now (I will eventually, I'm just busy on other projects). Several of my stories with Dee have revolved around the Middle East, ancient and modern, so I often imagine him trudging through the deserts of that part of the world. This painting came from that notion. I intentionally made the dark figure of Dee on the right blurred to give it a look of a spell of sorts shielding him from view.

This was also the most simplistic painting I have done since taking up the brush again, but it is one of my favorites so far. I still show little talent, but perhaps I can get better with more experience. Also, though it does not appear well in the scanned image above, I made use of gold and bronze paints here to give a glinting, sort of mirage texture to some of the desert. I like this painting enough that I will be using it in part on an upcoming e-book cover.


Keith said...

I like this one a lot. The footprints leading to the figure are one of the strongest things in the painting. This is will make a great cover.

Ty Johnston said...

Thanks, Keith. This is my favorite of the paintings I've done since starting up again.

Clark said...

I love his one Ty! Very nice. The blurred figure has a cool mystical aura about it.

Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice. I like that a lot. Evocative. Makes me think of characters and settings.

Ty Johnston said...

Thanks, Clark! That was my goal. I originally was going to have the actual character, then I decided upon simplifying things with just a dark figure, then I added the blurriness/scratchiness to bring out that aura you mentioned.

Charles, funny you mention characters and settings, because I'm finding my thought processes on my paintings interesting since I approach them from a writer's point of view and not necessarily a visual artist's point of view. I'm sure there are bad things about this, but I'm enjoying coming up with these visuals in my mind, visuals related to my characters, plots, etc.