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Paranormal fiction author Sally Dubats opens up about writing, Witchcraft, cheese and peanut butter

1.) Sally, what type of books do you write? And what has drawn you to do so?

I started writing non-fiction about Witchcraft, but have begun writing paranormal fiction. I’m currently writing a series about a true Witch, and I was drawn to this work because there has been a huge misrepresentation of Witches in literature and film, and I want to add my two cents to the cauldron.

2.) Can you tell us a little about your past, professional and personal, and how it relates to your writing?

I have a long metaphysical studies background, a theatre background, and have been involved in writing one way or another throughout my life. All of this has converged to get back to my creative roots, back to fiction.

3.) What is the best thing about being a writer?

Getting lost in a world I created.

4.) What is the worst thing about being a writer?

Getting lost in a world I created. Just kidding. I think the worst thing is the expectation I place on myself that I’ll be the next J.K. Rowling and Disney will make a theme park after my books and subsequent wildly successful films, but then I wake up and get back to the writing.

5.) What is your favorite type of cheese, and why?

I love gorgonzola because it goes as well with Sauternes as it does Pinot Noir. And funny you should ask; I just saw a recipe for gorgonzola stuffed pears drizzled with Sauternes.

6.) A flying saucer lands in front of you and out pops a little green person. The little green person lifts a small object and points it toward you. Is the object a gun? A holy symbol? Some kind of communicator? You don't know. What do you do?

I was actually asked this in college! Seriously. It was a paper we had to do in Communications regarding the similarities between species! Apparently, among other things, assuming the least threatening position possible is the best answer. For me that would be curling up in a fetal position, but that could also be misinterpreted and I would be instantly vaporized. It is my best wish that anyone landing from another planet, green or otherwise, would be an evolved species here to communicate.

7.) What's your favorite brand of peanut butter?

That's a new question! Actually, I go to my local co-op and have organic peanuts ground for me. The taste is amazing; it's nothing like you've ever had. I also usually do the ground almonds rather than peanuts resulting in, you guessed it, almond butter. Peanuts aren't really a nut, and should more appropriately be called "legume butter."

8.) What's your favorite word?

My favorite word is Blaspheme because it teaches us to take responsibility. Eddie Izzard said it best, "Blasphe-meeee, Blasphe-youuuuu, Blasphe-everybodyyyy."

9.) If you could have any other name than the one you currently have, what would it be?

I was born "Dubats" and around me were famous names, British names, beautiful French names -- family names like Lamb, Chatfield, Drake, and Bonneville (pronounced Bone-veel). I was born with "Dubats" which is a chopped-off Russian name. We're not sure of the lengthier version. To top it off, I was born with a nick-name: Sally. I always wanted a three-syllable name, so I fantasized about the name "Elizabeth." I would add the name from my mother's side, "Chatfield" and be "Elizabeth Chatfield." Doesn't that sound elegant? I would practice my signature with that name. As I grew older, I realized I could never pull it off, and so I kept the original.

10.) Is it true you are hiding under government protection? If so, why? Spill it!

It is not true; I'm simply trying to find my identity between recluse author and "out there" bon vivant.

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