Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All 5 covers for my 'Mage Hunter' series

With the release a few days ago of my new five-part Mage Hunter series, I've been asked, "Are you really going to have all five parts available?"

The answer is, obviously, a resounding "YES!"

As evidence of this, I thought I would give a very slight preview. No, not any of the story, but the covers, all five of them, the first one at the left and the others below. So at least everyone will know that much has been accomplished (actually, a lot more work has already been done, but this gives me a chance to show off my covers).

Also, for anyone interested, for a very limited time, Mage Hunter, Episode I: Blooded Snow is free over at Smashwords.


Keith said...

I'm familiar with your work, so I was planning on buying these anyway just on that basis. But looking at the titles and the covers, if I didn't already know who you were, I would have been intrigued to give them a try.

David J. West said...

Looks good. I just went over to smashwords and will get it into the TBR pile.

Ty Johnston said...

Thanks, Keith and David!

Writing a serial, even just a five-parter, has been ... challenging? I'm not sure I've mastered it, not by any means. I started with a plot that kept trying to force itself into becoming a novel, and that simply doesn't work for serial fiction. If nothing else, for me this was a learning experience, and I think my next adventure into serial fiction will be more tightly plotted (and yes, there will be more serial fiction from me eventually).

Charles Gramlich said...

They look really good. I'm looking forward to how this project works out for you. Luck for sure.

Lyn said...

Best wishes. And here I thought I'd caught up with most of your series! lol

Ty Johnston said...

Ha! Lyn, it never ends. I'll be an old man by the time I've finished my complete Ursian Chronicles, if I even live that long. Believe it or not, there is an overall plot/thread, and I've not even really touched upon it yet. Most of what I've written so far are sort of origin stories for various characters, or at least outlining their early days. If ever completed, the whole plot will cover about 10,000 years, with a focus on certain time periods within those years.