Monday, August 20, 2012

Books read in 2012: No. 66 -- We Who Are Alive and Remain

by Marcus Brotherton

Started: August 17
Finished: August 20

Notes: This is another book about the men of the famed Easy Company of paratroopers from World War II. If you have read the book Band of Brothers or the related HBO series, then you'll be familiar with the men I'm speaking about. Funny thing, I've got the book Band of Brothers, have had it for years, but I've yet to read it though I have read related material. On the other hand, I've watched the HBO series from beginning to end at least a couple of dozen times, and single episodes only God knows how many times. Perhaps I need to read that book all this is based upon? But first, I'm reading We Who Are Alive and Remain.

Mini review: This was just an excellent read. If you're wanting detailed accounts of the history surrounding the events mentioned here, you're looking in the wrong place. But if you're interested in the daily, little details of soldiers in warfare, this is practically a must-read book. The writer has done an excellent job in taking all this material from a dozen or more different individuals and breaking it up into little, readable sections. Three parts toward the end were written by children of Easy Company soldiers who were no longer living at the time of publication, and I found those sections the most heart wrenching in many ways. But the rest was also very interesting and quite readable. Those with interests in the history of war, specifically World War II, should read this book.

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