Friday, September 28, 2012

We are experiencing technical difficulties

Just wanted to post this here in case anyone came searching. For those who have noticed, Part V of my Mage Hunter series has yet to appear on Amazon, though it was supposed to have been published Monday. My apologies. The series is completed, the file uploaded, but either I or Amazon are having technical problems through KDP and even Amazon Central. I'm not alone in this, as a number of other writers have mentioned similar recent experiences.

Figures. I do a series, the first four parts come out fine, then the conclusion gets held up.

Sincerely, my apologies. I hope this last part of the series will be available sometime this weekend.

At least I've learned not to publicly give out dates for an ongoing series. From now on I'll just say "coming soon" or "look for it next week" or something similar.

Again, my apologies. I hope no one has been too put out by this.

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Charles Gramlich said...

The first few times I "thought" I had a book coming out I announced it to the world, adn then got egg on my face. I've been very cautious since then. Only publicizing when I see the copy or the book online. It's tough from an ad perspective but I tend to be a cautious sort of guy.