Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2 new fantasy e-book covers

Though my blog has been a little quiet of late (for me, at least), I've still been working in the background. In the writing arena, I'm working on some short stories I owe to anthology editors. In the painting area, I've been doing a little dabbling here and there, and working on some new e-book covers.

First up is the new cover for my novelette, The Castle of Endless Woe. I detested the old cover, mainly because it was thrown together quick to get this short piece of fiction up online. I finally got around to doing a new cover. I like this cover, put together of a painting I did of a tower and some background work in Photoshop. I'm not suggesting it's the greatest cover ever, but it is much improved over my old cover. I can live with it for now. If my painting skills ever get to a much higher level, then I might paint another one. One thing unique about the tower painting here is that I did not paint it on canvas, but upon a hard acrylic board, which I kind of like; it gives the painting a different quality, allowing the textures of the paint to stand out better instead of just the texture of a canvass (I'll probably be experimenting more with this).

Next is the new cover for Road to Wrath: Book II of The Kobalos Trilogy. I added a new cover to the first book in this trilogy a while back, and I've been meaning ever since for a new cover for this second book. And yes, eventually there will be a new cover for the third book in the trilogy as well as a new cover for the prequel short story (and for some of my other Ursian Chronicles e-books). Again, this isn't the greatest cover ever, but I like it, also put together with a painting from me of my Kron character and a simple background made in Photoshop. Of all the people I've painted over the last few months, I believe this one is the best I've done in terms of the facial features. Hopefully my skills there will keep growing.

Now if I can only paint hands and clothing better.


Charles Gramlich said...

when you change covers, is it just for aesthetic reasons, or do you think it has an impact on the sales?

Ty Johnston said...

Charles, originally I was just testing the waters a month or two back. Then I noticed an increase in sales after I changed a couple of covers. Since then, I've decided to change a lot of my covers, to add a little more action to my fantasy covers and to make many more of them similar in basic design.

I wish I was a better artist, but I'm still enjoying it. My painting skills are (slowly) coming along. If my skills continue to improve, I might re-do my covers in a few years. If not, I still like my new ones better than the old ones, and so far sales are better.