Thursday, October 04, 2012

Halloween e-book released

There is a new children's short story available for the Kindle, for those of you with such interests. The title is Hollybelle the Witch and the Broomstick Ball, by budding children's author Georgia Grey.

What is my connection to all this?

I'm the cover artist, editor and publisher.

I did not set out to be, but it has been an interesting project.

Georgia contacted me a while back after seeing on this blog that I had started painting again after years and years. She was interested in me painting a cover for her little e-book. At first I kind of balked, but then I thought, "Why not?" So I became a cover artist. I did a couple of earlier pieces which I did not care for, but then Georgia and I settled upon the painting you see at the right, with some highlights added with Photoshop.

Eventually Georgia would like to turn her story into a children's picture book, but we both wanted this little e-book to be available for Halloween, and I frankly don't have the time to paint a half dozen or more paintings between now and the end of the month. So, we settled on just the cover image and the story itself, which runs a tad over 2,000 words. So please, if you should be interested in this book, don't expect it to be full of artwork.

We might get around to adding more images later, and maybe a different cover, depending upon my work load. It's also possible that Georgia will have other stories she would like to publish, and it seems I'll likely be the person she will work with.

As for being Georgia's editor and publisher, that came about more as a matter of convenience on both our parts, one less person (or more) to have to go through and all.

For those who pick up the e-book, I hope you enjoy.

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