Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Books read in 2013: No. 4 -- The Book You Shouldn't Have Read

by Pheng Taing

Started: Jan. 8
Finished: Jan. 9

Amazon link: The Book You Shouldn't Have Read: A Motivational/Inspirational Book

Notes: I'm normally not much into the self-help and motivational books, but this one sounded interesting to me because it specifically talks about going beyond just reading such material and taking action. My main want for reading this was possibly to gather a little inspiration on how to make myself more prolific as a writer. Here goes to see if it helps.

Mini review: Overly simplistic, but that can also be good as it gets to the point, which is part of the point, not screwing around but getting things done. I can't say I learned anything new here, but I did pick up some reminders, which was nice.

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