Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Books read in 2013: No. 20 -- Inkheart

by Cornelia Funke

translated from German by Anthea Bell

Started: April 3
Finished: April 9

Notes: Though I've never seen the whole thing, I have seen bits and pieces of the Brendan Fraser movie based upon this novel, and the idea of fiction characters coming to life from a book intrigued me, though I'm not sure it's all that original (seems I've read or heard of such before, but exactly where is not coming to mind). Anyway, the idea interested me enough, so now I'm off to read the novel.

Mini review: This was just a delightful book, with a modern fairy tale sensibility about it. The tale involves a book repairer who has the power to read characters to life from books, as well as items such as treasure and the like. He doesn't know he has this power at first, and discovers it by accidentally reading some villains out of the novel Inkheart, while also accidentally reading his wife into the novel. The actual story picks up nine years later with the book doctor and his 12-year-old daughter. Enough said. I don't want to give anything away. Fans of fairy tales, children's and young adult literature, and those who have a love of books in general should go away pleased with this one. In a way, this is a young adult love story to books.


Charles Gramlich said...

I've been thinking about reading this one. I think I actually have a copy at the house if I can find it.

Ty Johnston said...

Charles, I think it would be worth your time. Nothing earth shattering here, but a fun, little read, just the same.