Monday, April 01, 2013

Two new fantasy books published

My novel Road to Wrath: Book II of The Kobalos Trilogy is now available in print, as is my novelette, The Castle of Endless Woe.

And the crowds went wild! Anticipation fulfilled.

Now to answer three common questions about these books that I have received of late.

1.) When is the last book of The Kobalos Trilogy going to be available in print?

Geez, the second book just came out. Can you give a guy a moment to catch his breathe? In all seriousness, the third book will likely be available by mid-Summer, possibly even in the next month or two, depending upon my schedule.

2.) The Castle of Endless Woe is only a novelette at 15,000 words, so how can you justify doing a print version of it?

Well, it depends upon what you mean by "justify?" Do you mean the price of $4.99? Sorry if that seems steep for 15,000 words, but it's as cheap as I could go and still make any profit whatsoever. The e-book edition is only $2.99, and believe it or not, I make more money from that. Print has a cost.

3.) This one I've gotten from several writers: Is it worth the time and effort to put out a print version of a novelette?

It depends upon your viewpoint and your expectations. I have fairly low sales expectations for my print version of The Castle of Endless Woe, but that does not mean I consider publishing the work a waste of my time. For one thing, now the novelette will also be listed under the "Book" section at Amazon and not just the "Kindle" section, which is cheap advertising as far as I'm concerned. Immediate sales are not my only goal as I'm playing this game for the long term, and I feel having print editions helps with marketing, beyond the possible financial gains.

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