Monday, May 06, 2013

Books read in 2013: No. 23 -- The Godfather

by Mario Puzo

Started: April 29
Finished: May 6

Notes: I just finished reading Puzo's Fools Die, which was an astonishing read, and I'm not ready yet to give up on this author. So, I'm turning back to one of the classics, the novel he is most likely to be remembered for. I've read this novel before, and I'm a huge fan of the movies (at least the first two movies ... the third one having its moments but lacking in comparison to the earlier films). From what I recall, this novel and the first movie (really also the second movie to some extent) follow pretty much the same plot, but there were some minor differences which I felt made the novel darker even than the films. But it's been a couple of decades since I read this one, and now I'll see if my memory serves correctly.

Mini review: Truly excellent novel. I think I still prefer the writing style of Fools Die to some extent, but the plotting here is much stronger. As for characters, Puzo is always "on." His characters are great, no matter the novel. Fans of the movies should read this, for sure. As for my memory, in some ways the movies are darker, but I still feel the novel is darker in other lights; Kay's reactions to Michael's world are stronger and less accepting in the movies, making the first film somewhat darker, but I believe the novel delves into the darkest sides of the mafioso characters themselves.

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