Wednesday, June 05, 2013

'Dark King of the North' now available in paperback

Dark King of the North: Book III of The Kobalos Trilogy is now available in paperback. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy a few hundred copies!

Oh, you want to know more? Well, here's the back copy:

Kron Darkbow and companions have survived the mean streets of the city of Bond and the dangers of the Prison Lands, but now they dare to journey into Kobalos, a dark northern land ruled by King Verkain, a powerful mage rumored to be immortal and mad.

Always on their trail is underworld crime boss Belgad the Liar and his crew of deadly killers. Not only does Belgad seek vengeance against Kron, but he also wants to capture Kron's friend, the healer Randall Tendbones, the last of Verkain's children whom the king wants dead.

For Randall's slaying would fulfill one more step in an ancient prophecy predicting the rise of the Dark King of the North, and Verkain believes he is this figure, ready to bring death and destruction across all lands, to rule with a hammering fist of iron.

It is in Kobalos, in the darkest of hours, alone with enemies all around, Darkbow becomes the last hope for all. But to defeat his foes, first he must learn to defeat his own rage.


Charles Gramlich said...

Like the back cover! Do you notice that the second and third books in your series sell less than the first?

Ty Johnston said...

Yes, I do. I'd guesstimate about 20 percent of those who buy the first book also purchase the second, but then I'd say about 90 percent of those who buy the second also buy the third. I don't know if my percentages are average, but my guess would be a similar trend is common among trilogy writers.

Charles, what about your Talera Cycle?