Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Books read in 2013: No. 44 -- A Land of Ash

edited by David Dalglish

Started: August 26
Finished: August 27

Notes: Imagine Yellowstone exploded, spreading lava and ash across nearly all of North America. It would be an apocalypse of sorts. A few years ago a group of fairly well known indie writers got together and came up with this anthology which considers such a terrible event. Here are 11 stories. I've read a number of these authors, so it'll be nice to kind of meet up with the familiar, but it will also be fun to read others for a first time.

Mini review: These were quite the fine tales. Nothing supernatural or speculative here, just 11 tales of people surviving (or not) an apocalyptic situation. The variety of characters and locales was quite interesting, never boring. And all the authors had solid writing voices and solid prose.


Charles Gramlich said...

great idea for a collection. This kind of eruption is certainly likely to happen eventually.

Ty Johnston said...

Just what I was thinking, Charles. I had a dozen story ideas while reading this one.