Monday, September 30, 2013

Just in time for Halloween, 2 new horror books in print

My literary horror sort of gothic novel 100 Years of Blood and the collection SEVER, SLICE and STAB: 20 Tales of Horror are both now available in print.

This time I decided to go for something different with the designs. I intentionally decided to go against much of the common wisdom about e-book covers, and instead focused upon the print copies. I still think the top one should look okay as a copy for an e-book ... okay, not great, but okay ... but the bottom one doesn't show up will in the digital form, though I think it looks pretty nifty in the printed edition.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm gonna try to do a print copy of something on Create Space here. I messed up on the cover dimensions with my first try. Gotta get a bit of time to do it right.

Some great stories in "sever...."

Ty Johnston said...

Yeah, it took me a while to get everything just right, and even then the thing is a bit temperamental. But I realize why the details have to be so exact, otherwise there would be off center books and who knows what else.