Saturday, November 30, 2013

'The Awakened' now available

I've been holding my tongue so long on this one, I'm really excited to announce here that The Awakened is now available online in e-book and print and it includes my short story, "Assassins of Opportunity."

What is The Awakened, you might ask?

It is a shared-world fantasy anthology from Dark Quest Books, edited by Neil Levin and Hal Greenberg.

I'll let the blurb speak for itself:

You just turned nineteen. Do you feel... different? Is strange magic happening all around you? Are you suddenly mindspeaking with a sentient animal? In The Awakened, this could be you. Sixteen exciting stories pull you into the diverse and unusual world of Grimaton, where the twin moons above might mean a lifetime of change. Join our celebrated authors as they explore the world of The Awakened and spotlight the heroes, the villains, and the magic; where a random few may find themselves bonded to an animal companion for life, or might find they are the possessor of weird and powerful magic they could never have imagined. How these exceptional few are treated and how they learn to use those unasked-for powers... Well, that is the adventure we have started here.Experience the highs and lows of becoming an Awakened, decide if you would use your power for good or for evil, and grow with characters who will make you proud... or make you angry.

Besides my own tale, there are works from:

Erik Scott de Bie
Clinton Boomer
Steve Creech
Torah Cottrill
Darrin Drader
Hal Greenberg
Ed Greenwood
Doug Herring
Jaleigh Johnson
Rosemary Jones
Kevin Kulp
Colin McComb
Darren W. Pearce
Richard Redman
Rai Smith

I've been excited about this project for quite some time now, perhaps a year or longer. I've worked with a number of these writers before in one manner or other, and working with Neil and Hal as editors has been quite enjoyable.

My story, "Assassins of Opportunity," obviously steps outside of my own fantasy world, so it includes characters and situations and a world new to my readers.

I believe the official publication date for the print edition isn't until December 21, but it can be pre-ordered now, and the e-book version is definitely available.

To add to the excitement, there is more than a small possibility of there being other Awakened books in the future, as well as an Awakened RPG. Will I be taking part? Only time will tell, but I hope I have the opportunity to play some small role.


Charles Gramlich said...

Very cool. I love those kinds of works. Good to write in them as well.

Paul R. McNamee said...

Good work. It's on my wishlist.