Sunday, January 12, 2014

Books read in 2014: No. 2 -- The Murder of King Tut

by James Patterson and Martin Dugard

Started: Jan. 9
Finished: Jan. 12

Notes: I'm a little skeptical of this supposed non-fiction book, in no small part because I'm no fan of Patterson's prose, but I'm also interested enough in the subject matter to want to give it a go. Was King Tut murdered?  I'd never really given it any thought until this book was published a few years ago, but I'll read it and come to my own conclusions.

Mini review: As I feared, Patterson's writing turned me off here. It's such a simplistic style, almost "Dick and Jane" material, that I found it nearly insulting. Perhaps worse than that were the speculative conclusions about King Tut's death. Was Tut murdered? Hell if I know. This book jumps to a number of conclusions, and none of them are backed up by anything other than what is written on its pages. There's not even a bibliogrpahy or index. No footnotes or anything, nothing pointing to where information was gleaned. There's no way this book can be considered serious scholarship from a historical point of view. At least it was easy to read, thus not taking up a lot of time, and perhaps it drew a few people into being interested in the actual history.

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