Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Books read in 2014: No. 14 -- Crawlspace

by Evans Light

Started: April 2
Finished: April 2

Notes: This is another writer and book recommended to me by author Edward Lorn, and since I trust Lorn's opinion on such matters, I decided to check this one out.

Mini review: This is a pretty darn good horror tale. The title tells you everything you need to know to get started. Yes, it's that kind of horror story. The protagonist isn't all that likable, but he's far from the worst sort of person, and his fate ... hmm, it probably outweighs the sins he has committed ... but he's realistic enough that you feel for him in the end. I do wish this story had pushed the boundaries of horror a bit more, but then I tend toward being a sick bastard, one who doesn't enjoy gore for gore's sake but often gets a good chuckle at the level of insanity of violence in some horror tales. This one is dark, but it's not overly gruesome, so those who enjoy Laymon, King, Koontz, Lorn, and the like, should enjoy this tale. I give it a solid four out of five stars.

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Charles Gramlich said...

At first I thought this was likely to be related to that old movie, Crawl Space. Sounds pretty good.