Sunday, May 04, 2014

Books read in 2014: No. 17 -- Cruelty (Episode: One)

by Edward Lorn

Started: May 3
Finished: May 3

Notes: Earlier in the year this author suggested a couple of e-books for me to read, and once I read them I started thinking it high time I read something by the man himself, especially as I've read some of his material in the past and found it highly enjoyable. Lorn has become known as a horror author, but apparently he is looking to expand upon his writing horizons, and one such expansion includes working within serialized fiction, such as this first episode of his series, Cruelty, which I believe has drawn the interest of some folks in the movie biz. Let's see how he does.

Mini review: As has always been the case so far, Edward Lorn continues to astound me. This was a darn near perfect opening episode, and I could well imagine it as a modern television series on one of the cable channels. The characters are interesting enough, but it's the villain who truly shines in this piece, breathing some new and strange life into the well-known-and-often-worn trope of the mad slasher killer (such as Jason, Michael, Freddy, etc.). Though, in all fairness, and hopefully without giving anything away, the killer here isn't exactly a traditional slasher murderer, and definitely not your average serial killer, but something more. What that "more" exactly is will depend upon further episodes, but there's enough here to draw the interest of any horror fan.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds interesting. I've not read anything by him.