Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Books read in 2014: No. 21 -- Wool

by Hugh Howey

Started: May 15
Finished: May 21

Notes: Some while back I read the novella which is the first of five parts in this bestseller, and I found it quite interesting and enjoyable. I had planned on reading further eventually, but then I was gifted this book during the holidays last year. The author is one of the brightest stars out of the indie writer movement, though he is no longer strictly an indie.

Mini review: When I read the original novella, I came away from it thinking it was quite good, but I didn't quite see all the fuss that had been made over it and over Howey as a writer. Now I understand. This collection, at a little more than 500 pages, is a damn good story. Damn good. The ending comes on you fast, but it seems appropriate for the tale. And Howey's writing is strong without becoming overly literary. He's a storyteller here, and it shines through well. Not only would indies do themselves a service by studying his writing, but all writers would. This isn't cookie-cutter writing like I see in so many novels today, especially thrillers and some sci-fi, but honest-to-God solid storytelling. Even if you're not a fan of science fiction or post apocalyptic tales, this one would well serve anyone who is a fan of the likes of Stephen King at his best, and I don't mean from a horror aspect but from the writing aspect. If Hugh Howey can continue to write like this, he'll have a strong and long career ahead of him as a novelist. My only critique is that I felt the last section of the book was a little long, a little wordy, especially when compared to earlier parts, but not annoyingly so.


Keith West said...

OK, you're comparison to Stephen King sold it for me. I'll have to work it in. When, I have no idea...

Ty Johnston said...

The pacing reminded me of King more than anything, and somewhat the characters' viewpoints. I think you'll like this one.

Charles Gramlich said...

I don't know that I've ever even heard his name until now.