Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Books read in 2014: No. 22 -- Blood (The Brotherhood Saga, Book 1)

by Kody Boye

Started: May 21
Finished: June 11

Notes: All this year I've been promising myself I would read more fantasy, specifically epic and heroic fantasy along with more Sword and Sorcery. Well, for one reason or another I've not been doing that. No more time for excuses. It's time to get to some fantasy. And what better way than by trying out an author new to me? Just look at that cover. Doesn't it just scream early Dungeons & Dragons? I think so, and in a good way. So I'm hoping to enjoy myself here.

Mini review: A lot of writers, and perhaps some readers, would have plenty of complaints about this book. After all, it does contain many of the hallmarks of a young, inexperienced writer. But me, it didn't bother. I actually found it quite enjoyable. It was interesting to watch the writer's growing experience as the story continued, and I have to admit I like the characters quite a bit. And while the fantasy world didn't come off as unique, being filled with orcs and elves and dwarves, etc., it did have some minor differences that gave it a touch of its own flair. There was not as much action as I expected, but there was a bonding process between the trio of major characters which I found not common enough in most fantasy heroes; these men were more than brothers in arms, more than brothers, almost practically lovers in their regard and feelings for one another. This is a strong story about friendships. It is told from a youthful voice, reminding me more of the likes of Paolini than someone like Martin or Salvatore. Maybe it's because my dad died while I was reading this one, but I liked a lot of what it had to say about male companionship, and it does so by showing three men who are as close as close can be. With that in mind, this isn't an overly masculine story. You're not going to find lots of chest thumping or bravado here. In a way, it's almost a romance, a love story of three men, a squire, a knight master, and their guardian. While it is not a perfect work of literature, I appreciate what the author was doing with this story. At some point I will have to seek out the followup tales. And this book is another example of why I try out new indie authors, because otherwise I likely would have never experienced such a work.

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