Thursday, August 14, 2014

Book read in 2014: No. 31 -- Water Walker: The Outlaw Chronicles, Episode 1

by Ted Dekker

Started: August 14
Finished: August 14

Notes: It's high time I got back into some fiction reading, and this author came highly praised by a friend, so here goes.

Mini review: Okay. Not great. Didn't suck. Just ... okay. Fairly straight forward thriller material with a hint or two of the supernatural. The author does a decent job with characters and motivations, but the action seemed a little slow, as if there was no real sense of urgency despite the tenseness of several situations here. Again, though, this wasn't awful, so I may have to check the writer out again at some point.


Charles Gramlich said...

Don't know that I've heard of this writer.

jakeescholl said...

Dekker has his hits... and a few misses. Showdown and Black are my favorites by him.