Thursday, November 19, 2015

Books read in 2015: No. 30 -- Black House

by Stephen King and Peter Straub

Started: Oct. 30
Finished: Nov. 18

Notes: Still trying to catch up on my back log of King works, the handful which I've not read. This one is a sequel of sorts to The Talisman, also by this pair of authors.

Mini review: Not King's best, and I felt Straub's work here weakened King instead of helping. Predictable, reading like a primer for half a dozen other King novels, but that is likely because this is another one related to the Dark Tower. Still, as is often the case with King, the characters are likable, and when the writing works, it works, and it is still better than many an author out there.


Charles Gramlich said...

I've got a couple of their collaborations but haven't read any. I've pretty much given up on King, other than I'll likely still read some of his short stories.

Ty said...

I've not totally given up on him, though I came close. It seemed the next 5 or 6 books after his accident were not very good, and there might not be a relation, but it's difficult not to see one. However, "Cell" wasn't too bad and "The Wind Through the Keyhole" was pretty good, and I've heard good things about his more recent works.