Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Books read in 2016: No. 56 -- 100 Lost Treasures

by Time Inc. Books

Started: Nov. 14
Finished: Nov. 16

Notes: So I was in a line at the grocery store and got sucked into buying another of this History books. Sue me. These books, more like thick magazines, obviously are not meant to be deep, but they can provide a casual read for when one is in the mood. This one caught my eye not so much because of lost treasures from history, of which I'm guessing I'll be mostly aware, but because of more recent lost treasures.

Mini review: The title to this one was misleading. Maybe a fourth of the articles here were about actual lost items, the majority being about various bits of Americana or items related to historical events. Most of this I knew about, though there were a few interesting tidbits new to me, along with maybe a story idea or two.

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