Monday, August 28, 2017

Books read in 2017: No. 28 -- Swords in the Mist

by Fritz Leiber

Started: Aug. 18
Finished: Aug. 28

Notes: This was another recent acquisition, and a first edition to boot, from one of my favorite used book stores, sadly one that is soon going out of business. It's quite probable I've read some (or even all) of the Fafhrd and Gray Mouser tales collected here, but it's always fun to delve back into their stories.

Mini review: The back copy presents this one as a novel, but it's actually a couple of short stories and a novella with short set pieces between to link everything. Yes, I had read these before, as who could forget such great tales as "The Cloud of Hate" and the laughter-inducing "Lean Times in Lankhmar?" "Adept's Gambit" is the final tale, the novella, and it's never been a favorite, being overly wordy in my opinion, but it still features some fine writing and tale spinning. Any fan of Sword and Sorcery should read these tales.

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Charles Gramlich said...

Good stuff. I think these tales were my first introduction to the dynamic duo