Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Books read in 2017: No. 49 -- Kothar and The Demon Queen

by Gardner F. Fox

Started: Dec. 24
Finished: Dec. 26

Notes: He's been deceased several decades now, but this author was instrumental in the comic book industry, especially in his creation of many, many characters for DC Comics, perhaps his most famous creation being the original Flash from the 1940s (the one who wore the silver helmet). I had not known Fox had also been a novelist, so when I ran across this 1970 paperback, I knew I had to give it a try.

Mini review: This was a fun little novel, about as cookie cutter a Sword & Sorcery tale as I've ever seen. Kothar the northern barbarian is summoned by a queen to quest for a magic item stolen from her, and in the process he faces the wrath of multiple wizards, more than one demon, a city's prince, untold numbers of soldiers, and even something that kind of resembled Godzilla! Of course there has to be some beautiful, scantily-clad women as well, and a betrayal or two. Though there's not much original here, the writing was pretty good. To repeat, this was just a fun read, so I can recommend.

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Yes, fun is a good descriptor for these